that sounds like responsibility and i want no part in it

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can you believe that there are legal nipples and illegal nipples

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Penguin falls down resulting in best sound ever [x]

oh my god

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unsalted fries


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"I used to think I was tough, but then I realized I wasn’t. I was fragile and I wore thick fucking armor. And I hurt people so they couldn’t hurt me. And I thought that was what being tough was, but it isn’t."

James Frey 

Everything you love is here

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Single and ready to get nervous around anyone I find attractive.

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"Destroy the idea that men should respect women because we are their daughters, mothers, and sisters. Reinforce the idea that men should respect women because we are people."


i hate it when i see someone i vaguely know in public. do i say hi?? do i act like i don’t see them and hope for the best?? 

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i’m basically “pro-do whatever you want as long as you’re enjoying yourself and not hurting other people”

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