things that will always sound sarcastic

  • good for you
  • thanks a lot
  • yeah right
  • nice to know
  • wow
  • way to go
  • totally
  • ok buddy

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the worst thing is when someone insults you and they’re right 

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i was havin a great time until i remembered that i was ugly

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They’re called eyebrows cause my eyes be browsing yo fine ass 

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my worst fear is looking bad in a photo with a celebrity

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i’m such an asshole but i’m also a very kind-hearted person who likes making ppl happy and if i love u i will love u with all my heart and all my soul but then i’m also such an asshole

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e e 

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sometimes im like yeah but most of the time im like no

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i am not the same person at 8am and 8pm

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